Objects Found

When I first learned about the history of appropriation in art history classes in college, I was both amazed and a little confused. I know that it’s probably sacrilegious in the art world to evoke anything but admiration for the greats like Warhol and Duchamp… but my gut reaction to appropriation initially went something like… “so this Duchamp dude picked up a urinal, called it art, and made it famous?" I swear that I’m not as presumptuous as that makes me sound, and I eventually snapped out of my noobie ways. I promise. On a similar note, there is something to be said about using preexisting objects when it comes to creating interesting (and cheap!) artwork.


I’m really digging these framed foldout maps that I snagged from a local bookstore for about $6 each. They’re huge and the colors/inherent visual texture provide for an interesting focal point in the space. I just used maps of Virginia and DC, but I suppose that a map of some idyllic place like Paris might be a little more charming?


This little dude was free! I had some twine laying around and an old frame that I randomly bought from a thrift store years ago (it was probably like $3). I glued the twine down to a piece of cardstock in a spiral pattern and popped it into the frame. It certainly isn’t the most compelling or involved piece of art, but it’s a nice and simple compliment to a bunch of other pieces that are hanging out around it.

There’s something hugely satisfying about making things (that I actually like and want to put on a wall) for next to nothing. A definite far cry from the work of certain aforementioned artists, but satisfying nonetheless.