Compulsive Collectin'

rocks I’ve always been a collector of sorts. As a kid, it started out with rocks. Big rocks, small rocks, white rocks, colorful rocks. Lots and lots of rocks. I had a little box that I would put them in, and I was always so proud to add another one to my collection. As horribly cliché as it sounds, there was just something so interesting about sorting through things that were inherently the same, but also unique in their own ways. ..also, I was a strange little dude that liked to pick up rocks from time to time?

At any rate, I’ve been through a bunch of collectin’ phases over my many years on this here planet. It’s cool to look around and see the different weird collections that I’ve had, and even cooler (or embarrassing in most cases) to reminisce about the kind of kid that I was when I started and finished each of them. Here’s to more collecting.

I still have that box of rocks stashed away, somewhere.