Accessible Design Vol. 2

"Accessible Design" is my way of finding practical furniture, lighting, and a variety of other housewares that are inspired by some of the awesome spaces that I shoot. Today, we're going to take some inspiration from the whimsical yet uniquely modern stylings of Farmers Fishers Bakers (refer back to that post for a quick refresh) and apply it to some pieces for an entryway. The design of this restaurant has been on my mind since they were kind enough to let me mosey about the space with my camera, so it's about time that I find some functional pieces that are similar in aesthetic.ffb3ffb  

1. Threshold Round Captain's Mirror 2. Blue Dot Splash Coat Rack  ...This is crazy expensive, but I thought that I'd include it since it appears to be an exact match to the coat rack in the restaurant. 3. Stick Coat Rack in Black ...A great, inexpensive alternative. Quite different in style than the Blut Dot version, but a functional and modern piece nonetheless. 4. "Saw" Print 5. "Axe" Two-Color Print 6. Safavieh Cindy Console Table in Teal 7. Bank in the Form of a Pig in White ...A fun and interesting way to stash loose change as you walk through the front door.