Accessible Design Vol. 1

Sooo, seeking out awesome spaces to shoot has led me to find out how accessible it could be to incorporate certain design elements into my own spaces. I figured that it would be a cool idea to try and find similarly designed lighting, furniture, and other various housewares (ideally items on the inexpensive side since I tend to ball on a budget) that are easily available for anyone who vibes with some of my Inspired posts as of late. We'll start out with this inspiring Spanish/modern space from Fuego!


1. Schoolhouse Electric Apartment Pendant 2. Target Threshold Starburst Mirror 3. Ikea Stockholm Sofa 4. Society 6 "Bike and Lines" Framed Art Print 5. Society 6 "Love Pattern" Framed Art Print

Ok, so some of these items really aren't all that inexpensive, but I think a willingness to invest in quality pieces that'll stick around for a while (both structurally and stylistically) is worth the price tag sometimes.