Inspired: Bluejacket

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This place is just too cool.

Bluejacket is an awesome brewery and restaurant located in southeast Washington, DC, right by Nats stadium. The space is housed in a former factory where workers once built boilers for ships, which is an aesthetic that fits the brand pretty perfectly. A palette of cool industrial elements, warm wooden accents, and an authentically classic-inspired brand combine to create an environment that speaks directly to the tradition of brewing great beer and creating good vibes.

Bluejacket is actually the name of the brewery, while The Arsenal is the the name of the restaurant and bar housed within the brewery. A very interesting dynamic! The handcrafted design of the identity for both Bluejacket and The Arsenal, used in a variety of forms throughout the space, reflect the handcrafted brews and food served at the restaurant. Unique branding for each of the beers that Bluejacket produces is also a pretty sweet touch.

I wish that I was more of a beer connoisseur so that I could speak more to the beers that I sampled while shooting the space, but I can definitely say that I was not disappointed!