Kitchen Happenings

kitchen1 I've never really considered myself to be much of a tidy guy. I always keep a clean house, but it doesn't take much for things to get a little bit messy in a little bit of time. This is especially true if I'm in the middle of working on a project and random things are thrown all over the floors and the tables and everything else in the apartment.

What I've found, though, is that giving so much time and attention to the way my home works - both functionally and aesthetically - compels me to keep it in pretty good order. You know, like an adult, or something. What I've also realized is that keeping things in good order keeps me in good order, because it allows me to be a lot more comfortable in my own space, which makes me a happy camper.

That being said, there was an ignored and slightly awkward corner in my kitchen that needed some tending to:


Bleh. I was able to find the Limhamn shelving unit from Ikea, which happened to be exactly the right size for the corner, but it was in need of some upgrades to enhance it's form and function. I thought up some pretty simple ways to make it a little more useful:


The first and most noticeable update to the counter is probably the addition of the wheels. They make the counter quite a bit higher than it was previously, which makes it a more easily usable surface in a small kitchen that is majorly lacking of counter space (it was too short before to use as a countertop.) They also obviously make it mobile! I know, a pretty basic thing to be stoked about, but I like being able to move it closer to the stove/sink if I need it while I'm cooking.


I put together this maple/faux butcher block/cutting board surface to sit on top of the shelving unit. I did this for a few reasons... the first and main one being that it just looks cool. Also, the stainless steel top started to accumulate fingerprints that were damn near impossible to remove and annoying to look at, so sitting the wood on top kind of alleviates that issue. The initial intention was to be able to use it as a cutting board, but... I don't know if I trust my woodworking skills enough to actually prepare edible things on it? I feel like bacteria would grow on it somehow, so it will just sit there and look nice for now.

I also used some piping and magnets to adhere a makeshift dish towel rod onto the stainless steel frame of the counter (I actually got this for the refrigerator, but the pipe was too heavy and just slowly slid down the side of the fridge, so it found a nice home here instead!) I searched FOREVER to find an actual magnetic towel rod, but apparently they don't exist?? I swear, I must make up things in my mind that seem to make sense as buyable products but actually don't exist in reality. This happens way too often. It's cool, though, because I really dig the look of this pipe.


Oh, I also made this  little chalkboard out of an old frame that I got from a thrift store and some inexpensive chalkboard contact paper from Michaels. Just a little something extra to help me remember when I need to buy milk or something.

Like I said, when time and energy are spent on these projects, I'm more inclined to keep the space neat, tidy, and useful. Even though this is a pretty easy update, maybe it'll make me feel more inclined to cook more often than I do.