Inspired: Founding Farmers

ff6Processed with VSCOcamff3aff4aff5aff6a I'm TOO stoked to be posting about one of my favorite restaurants.

The lovely people at Founding Farmers were kind enough to let me spend a morning in the restaurant to chat about their brand and to take a few pictures of the inspiring space (and to enjoy a delicious egg scramble breakfast). Founding Farmers provides an awesome Farm-to-Table American dining experience that's unlike anything else I've seen in the DC area. The restaurant is owned and represented by the North Dakota Farmers Union, which is reflected in the heartland-inspired menu. On top of that, Founding Farmers is the Greenest restaurant in DC, boasting a LEED Gold Certification.

The space itself is also reflective of the environmentally focused brand, with somewhat of a playfully casual spin, which can be seen in the puffy cloud-like light fixtures in the photo above. The walls are lined with steel shelving and pickling jars, further tying into the earthiness of the overall design, but contrasted against more modern fixtures in the form of lighting and typography. I like how the shelving throughout the restaurant showcases Founding Farmers cookbooks (which I might just have to cop), but they also kind of holistically serve as a complimentary design element on their own.

And now I will go dream of their cornbread skillet.