Planning is Everything?

I think that a combination of a few of my interests fuel my weird obsession with this move. For starters, I eventually want to get in the business of flipping houses, so even though I won’t be able to make any structural or permanent changes to the apartment, the thought of making an 70 year old unit my own is hella exciting. On top of that, I have a huge love for environmental graphic design. So… in a way, moving into a new apartment is my roundabout way of branding a space? That’s what I’m making this into, anyway. That being said, in the design world, there’s no harder client than yourself. fillmore

Now that the moving date is quickly approaching, I’m starting to compile a bunch of stuff that I hope will define the style of the new spot. I swooped up these frames for practically free from a local thrift store and paired them with some personal photography and artwork (except for the image with the trees, which I think I bought from Ikea a few years ago) to start thinking of how I’m going to put the entry of the new apartment together. It’s only a start, and I plan on assembling quite a bit more of these that contrast stylistically (photos, designed pieces, typography). Also, just a little bit of color needs to happen.

I don’t mind that the frames are a little beaten and scratched around the edges, and I actually think that they’ll compliment the space nicely. Putting some modern photography and artwork in the frames will bring them up to date. I can’t wait to get back into the space after they clean out the 15 years of grime that was accumulated by the previous dude.