Inspired: DGS Delicatessen

dgs1dgs6 dgs4 dgs3dgs5 dgs2 As many times as I've walked past DGS Delicatessen and admired the classic aesthetic (and typography) that emanates from the front window, I only stopped in for the first time recently to grab a quick lunch. DGS is a nod to the mom-and-pop "District Grocery Stores" that lined street corners in DC at the turn of twentieth century, and the brand flows through this space so seamlessly. From the various vintage lighting fixtures used throughout, to gallery walls of classic black and white family photographs, this environment touches on a perfect amount of understated vintage. On top of that, some very cool typography is put on display throughout the restaurant in different ways, adding a little touch of modernism to the otherwise classic atmosphere. I haven't had much Jewish food before, but if the food at DGS is any indication, I've been missing out on some primo stuff.