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This beautifully designed, Philadelphia-based, boutique hotel has been popping up all over my feeds lately, and I can’t lie, its vibe has been a serious source of inspiration for my life in general. Designed by Jersey Ice Cream Co.Lokal Hotel boasts old-world charm juxtaposed against modern accents to create a completely authentic lodging experience. If I can gauge that without even having stayed there, they must be doing something right!

Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Bathroom-4 Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Tina-Bedroom-1 Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Tina-LivingRoom-1 Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Exterior-1 Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Ben-Bedroom-2 Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Ben-LivingRoom-2 weboptheidisbridge-8 weboptheidisbridge-12 weboptheidisbridge-17 weboptheidisbridge-10 Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Bathroom-1 Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Louisa-Kitchen-2

Photos via Lokal Hotel.

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