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More Spaces: Lokal Hotel


This beautifully designed, Philadelphia-based, boutique hotel has been popping up all over my feeds lately, and I can’t lie, its vibe has been a serious source of inspiration for my life in general. Designed by Jersey Ice Cream Co.Lokal Hotel boasts old-world charm juxtaposed against modern accents to create a completely authentic lodging experience. If I can gauge that without even having stayed there, they must be doing something right!

Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Bathroom-4 Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Tina-Bedroom-1 Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Tina-LivingRoom-1 Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Exterior-1 Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Ben-Bedroom-2 Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Ben-LivingRoom-2 weboptheidisbridge-8 weboptheidisbridge-12 weboptheidisbridge-17 weboptheidisbridge-10 Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Bathroom-1 Lokal-Hotel-Philadelphia-OldCity-Louisa-Kitchen-2

Photos via Lokal Hotel.

More Spaces: Humphrey Munson


I’m currently on the final stretch of my kitchen renovation (woo!). Throughout the design and renovation process, I have been inspired by a number of British kitchen design studios. There is something timeless about kitchen design across the pond that I think we’re missing here in America–something about the juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary, the comfort in simplicity, and the muted palettes. I have been particularly inspired by Humphrey Munson, a bespoke kitchen design firm based in the UK.

Georgian-Hunting-Lodge-Humphrey-Munson-Low-Res-11 Georgian-Hunting-Lodge-Humphrey-Munson-Low-Res-13 Georgian-Hunting-Lodge-Humphrey-Munson-Low-Res-20 Luxury-Bespoke-Kitchen-Blackheath-London-Humphrey-Munson-6-1 Orchard-House-Luxury-Family-Kitchen-Essex-Humphrey-Munson-13 Orchard-House-Luxury-Family-Kitchen-Essex-Humphrey-Munson-14 The-Old-Rectory-Project-Suffolk-Humphrey-Munson-Kitchens-3

If my kitchen turns out half as stunning as any of these, I think I did something right.

Photos via Humphrey Munson.

More Spaces: Orcondo


I’ve been following Orlando Soria since watching him craft up cool DIY projects with Emily Henderson (who is also an inspiration) on her HGTV show some years ago. I was ecstatic when he announced that he would be moving to and renovating a condo in Silver Lake (that he graciously named “Orcondo”), and I was even more ecstatic (read: envious) to watch the space blossom into an extremely well-designed home.

loloi-orlando-8Homepolish-interior-design-cea91-703x1056Homepolish-interior-design-97144-703x1056Homepolish-interior-design-676d1-1350x900 (1)

Follow along with Orlando on his blog and Instagram (which is a treat to follow), and check out Emily Henderson’s blog where he frequently writes guests posts!

Photos via Hommemaker and Homepolish.

More Spaces: A Swedish State of Mind


8a1b1c1cb8b11046336246b1b2f37682One mainstay in my daily inspiration regimen is to check out Stadshem, a Swedish real estate company that uses the talents of some spectacular stylists and photographers to design and shoot their spaces. I could seriously leave for Sweden today and cozy up in the corner of any one of these rooms until they kick me out for being a crazed American squatter. Stadshem only shows homes built before 1970, so all of their spaces have an authentic European charm.

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If you want to be inspired to become a lunatic squatter like me, be sure to follow these guys on Instagram and Pinterest. They kill it every single time.

All photos from Stadshem.