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Inspired: Fuego Cocina y Tequileria


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Fuego Cocina y Tequileria is just one of those places that quickly becomes everyone’s regular happy hour/weekend spot. The space has such a cool (hot?) vibe to it that’s visible throughout, largely due to the recurring red accents that you can see in the above photos. The architecture of the restaurant is really awesome as well, complete with wooden clad focal walls, unique tiling, and iron plated fireplaces.

The main thing that I appreciate about Fuego (aside from the awesome variety of tacos that I’ve had the pleasure of eating) is the attention to a cohesive brand. You can see the “Tequileria” signage in the last photo above, and there is an identical wall on the second floor (not pictured) that says “Cocina”; both tying directly back into the name of the restaurant. Also, the floral design pictured in the environment is reflected in the design of the menus and other collateral pieces. Diggin’ it.

Inspired: DGS Delicatessen


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As many times as I’ve walked past DGS Delicatessen and admired the classic aesthetic (and typography) that emanates from the front window, I only stopped in for the first time recently to grab a quick lunch. DGS is a nod to the mom-and-pop “District Grocery Stores” that lined street corners in DC at the turn of twentieth century, and the brand flows through this space so seamlessly. From the various vintage lighting fixtures used throughout, to gallery walls of classic black and white family photographs, this environment touches on a perfect amount of understated vintage. On top of that, some very cool typography is put on display throughout the restaurant in different ways, adding a little touch of modernism to the otherwise classic atmosphere. I haven’t had much Jewish food before, but if the food at DGS is any indication, I’ve been missing out on some primo stuff.

Nighstand No. 2


Ever since I installed my floating shelf nightstand, the other side of the bed has been pretty empty. Some vintage wooden crates were stacked there for a little while, but they have since found new homes elsewhere in the apartment. After stumbling across this awesome Ikea laundry hamper turned side table over on The Clever Bunny, and remembering that I had that hamper stored away, I figured that I’d take a stab at the same project.


I pretty much followed her tutorial to the tee, so I won’t go into too much detail about the process here. I decided to keep the pine wood in it’s natural state without staining it, but I did apply a few coats of polyurethane.


A few months ago, I talked a little bit about the collections that I’ve accumulated over the years. When I was little, I’d collect these little animal figurines made out of wood, clay, marble, and other materials, usually from overseas flea markets.


Inspired: Federal


federal1federal2federal5 federal3federal4

This store is pretty much everything.

Federal showcases quality clothes, masculine accessories and housewares, and a vibrant americana-inspired space to house it all. I’m always a fan of this style when it’s executed well. There’s just something so inspiring about the vintage framed illustrations and signage covering the walls, the lived-in textures used throughout the space, and the utilitarian furniture used to display the products. This store is another great example, in my humble opinion, of a brand reflecting seamlessly in the design of a commercial space.

Now excuse me while I drop some cash.

Inspired: Not Your Average Joe’s


joes1 joes2 joes3

joes5 joes4

I love walking into an unfamiliar environment and being blown away by an awesome, cohesive, and interesting branding story. Such was the case when I stopped by Not Your Average Joe’s in Woodbridge, VA on a cold afternoon to take a lunch break from Christmas shopping. The restaurant has a very cool visual identity, which is smartly set against elements of architectural contrast used throughout the space. I’m also a huge fan of the relatively vibrant toned furniture against the black and white brick, which is a pattern also reflected in the way bright iterations of the restaurant’s logo (and variations of it) are juxtaposed against the neutral walls. Good ol’ contrast done well.

Inspired: Typography in Georgetown + Good Stuff Eatery



Earlier this week, I decided to take a break from some freelance work and head into Georgetown for a bite to eat. I must’ve still had design on the brain, because I couldn’t help but be inspired by a bunch of typography around the city.



I happened to stumble across the Warby Parker Class Trip bus parked in a back alley off of M street. It wasn’t open, but I sketchily snapped a few pictures because I loved the letters on the windows. I’ll have to go back when it’s actually open!


With typography already on my mind, I couldn’t help but be pulled into Good Stuff Eatery by this beautiful installation. Also, my impromptu photo session distracted me from actually finding something to eat, which is the main reason I came to Georgetown, so I figured that I’d stop in to grab a burger.


The branding here is awesome. I’m a sucker for type-related installations as a reflection of a brand, so I was pretty much sold as soon as I walked through the door. Environmental graphic design for the win.


AND YOU GUYS. THE BURGER. Spectacular. I would’ve taken some pictures, but I’m afraid that my food photography skills are bad as Martha Stewart’s

Inspired: RedRocks Bistro


RedRocks in Arlington, VA has been one of my go-to local restaurants for great pizza, drinks, and atmosphere. I’ve also really admired the design and architecture of the space, which is super comfortable with touches of awesome rustic and industrial design elements.



If you know me at all, it should be no surprise that I’m a huge fan of these wooden-clad focal walls and white subway tiles used at the entrance to the kitchen.




Great industrial light fixture!


A combination of complimentary textures used throughout the space really brings it full circle.