“Accessible Design” is my way of finding practical furniture, lighting, and a variety of other housewares that are inspired by some of the awesome spaces that I shoot. Today, we’re going to take some inspiration from BlackJack (refer back to that post for a quick refresh) and apply it to some pieces for a killer dining/bar space. black1 blackjackcollection

1. Red Light Pendant …One of the main things that I dug about BlackJack were the intimate and interesting lighting choices. This pendant is an inexpensive nod to that vibe.
2. Neon O Print …That neon GOLF sign is killer, and this can provide a similar aesthetic without breaking the bank.
3. Hudson Pub Table
4. Tufted Bar Stool
5. Copper Tumblers …I’m not a big liquor drinker, BUT these tumblers from TRNK are trying hard to convince me to to pour some whiskey and put on a vinyl Rat Pack album.
6. Wood Bark Coasters

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